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BC School in Bruges (ages 12-18)

in development

School Spaces


The concept of the Buckminster School departs from the division of knowledge into conventional courses and grades. Nonetheless, for a systematic, rigorous learning, meaningful boundaries do need to be established. Towards this aim, the diverse teaching and learning trajectories are contained within continuously accessible Spaces — each having a dedicated physical dimension, for the residential periods, as well as a virtual one, for the online classes and collaboration.



The Maze

For tracing the intricate unfoldings of human stories, histories, and worlds.

The Planet

For learning the complexity of our fragile beauty by trying to terraform another.

The Great Hall

For sharing meals and celebrating.

The Garden

For serenity, slow conversations, and vigorous movement.

The Spaceship

For abstracting, computing, and strategising, while in the outer space.

The Broadway

For performing, musing, daring, and acting out.

The Conservatory

For bonding over the gardening responsibilities and pleasures.

The Atelier

 For humble polishing, brilliant perfecting, and impeccable craftsmanship.

The Village

For speaking the language of the other and finding the common grounds.

The Headquarters

For coordinating all trajectories and thinking about thinking.

The Gym

For rolling in, stretching out, and bodyminding.

The Library

For disappearing for long hours who knows where.

Make a Space

Looking for a new life’s mission for your old theatre ramp, an exotic plant, a cello, or that lovely apothecary set?
Or maybe for a whole, fabulous building in Bruges?
Ready to share your grand, mind-boggling installation? Able to sponsor some advanced equipment? Let us know!
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