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Marta Lenartowicz


I am an interdisciplinary researcher and educator affiliated with the Free University of Brussels (Vrije University Brussels, VUB). I hold a PhD in humanistic management (philosophy of socio-systemic change), with a background in theory of language, educational leadership, and teacher training. At the VUB, I currently serve as the Director of Education and a senior researcher at the Center Leo Apostel for Interdisciplinary Studies (CLEA).

More about Marta

I was born in Poland, in 1977, and have been living in Belgium since 2014. I have almost 20 years of professional experience in establishing and leading initiatives in the domains of knowledge-making, knowledge-sharing, and cognitive development. I worked as a graduate teaching assistant at the Ohio State University (Columbus, OH), where I followed a rigorous training in teaching skills and educational leadership. Later, back in Kraków, I initiated a university-wide teaching excellence programme ‘Ars Docendi’ at the Jagiellonian University and the lifelong learning centre ‘Wszechnica UJ’, for which I have designed and managed multiple training curricula and outreach programmes. An avid lifelong learner myself, I enjoy being continuously a student. This drive led me to follow a training in systemic family therapy, several certificate courses in coaching, team coaching, and group facilitation (e.g. from the Ericsson College, Vancouver) and a systems-psychodynamic programme in leading organizational change (Tavistock Clinic, London) among others. In 2008-2012 I was engaged in several policy development and consultancy projects for the Polish Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Regional Development, and the local government of Lesser Poland. In 2009-2016 I served as the Vice President and R&D director of Advisio Consulting Methodologies — a certification network for systems-oriented consultants of organisational development.

In my academic engagements, I’m mostly interested in theoretical research and philosophy, focusing on the philosophy of cognitive sciences and the theoretical approaches to the evolution of intelligence, cognitive development, distributed cognition, and collective intelligence. I have (co-)authored 11 books and handbooks and a variety of shorter scientific publications, most recently in the context of my engagement in the Pearl Divers research group at CLEA, VUB.

I always feel particularly energised and effective when I am deeply involved in what I call  ‘creative placemaking’ — establishing vibrant, original communities that bring together brilliant minds and novel ideas. Always somewhere on my mind, I have my son, Teo (10), whose growth fuels my imagination as to the kind of potential learning spaces I would like him to see available in the world. My single most intense passion is for intelligence at its unabashed highest. As I am approaching the mature phase of my professional life, I wish to contribute to establishing the Buckminster College as an environment in which the high potentials and unique powers of young minds are nourished — and dared to grow!

Gys Godderis


I’m currently chairman of The Fellows, a project of the PostGraduate School of Thinking at the Free University of Brussels (VUB) and PhD candidate at the Center Leo Apostel for Interdisciplinary Studies (CLEA) VUB. I’m holding an MA in Arts from the Luca School Of Arts of Ghent and a postgraduate at the VUB – School of Thinking (research on various thinking methods that can help them find solutions for the complicated problems we are currently facing). We also aim to further put into practice the VUB philosophy of free thinking and free research.

More about Gys

Simultaneously, I work for 21 year as ceo of Planet Polaris (BE), a creative group with two headquarters in Europe, representing creative and technical talent in the fields of marketing and commmunication in the fields of brand marketing, communication design, ICT, people communication, travel, writing, training and education, hospitality, food & beverages, consumer adoptation of technology, advertising, content providing and charity, working on projects around the globe.

From day 1 I’ve been a trailblazer for good causes and charitable projects. I have been guest lecturer at several schools and I’m a passionate keynote speaker at various occasions. I studied some archaeology at Leuven University, Graphic Design at Luca School Of Arts of Ghent, some Computer Generated Imagery at UFT Toronto (CA) and, a seen herinabove, a postgrad on the School of Thinking at VUB.

Today I am exploring my ideas on a possible new theory of ambicentric vs monocentric thinking, a project on how new educational systems could emphasize on the mindset rather than on the actions (or the results) in order to create a framework for identifying thinking processes, in such a way it adds new dimensions to our worldview but also gives us, from the early start of the process, an awareness of the worldview of the other. The expected outcome of his study is (1) to contribute to the theoretical discourse in thinking concepts and the cognitive orientation / exploration of the individual in particular or the explorative community in general, (2) transpose this contribution to an applied explorative framework and methodology (3) apply this framework and methodology from theory to practice into a new format of education.

At Buckminster, I’m responsible for ambicentric thinking in action and making sure that the key aspects of our organisation ‘see’ one another in a holoptic way. This includes ensuring that the organisation is in sync, both within and outside, and adequately responds to the relevant needs, principles, and frameworks. I take care that our resources support our vision and that the Buckminster’s Spaces (physical, virtual, imaginative, and mental) are highly evocative and suitable for learning and adventure. I work closely with Marta, Weaver, and all Faculty members, pitch ideas, have ideas pitched to me and put together partnerships and deals.

I’m also a husband & proud father of two sons, global citizen, piano player, drummer, terrible cello player, comic/whisky collector and very passionate about motorcycles.

Weaver D.R. Weinbaum


Every human individual is born with the potential of becoming a free, creative, and joyful person. Yet, the human mind is a profoundly complex creature and acquiring the necessary skills of the art of living, of becoming the author and composer of one’s own character and way of life, is a lifelong challenge that requires already from early age individually tailored cultivation and guidance. This is my core understanding of what education is. I have made it my life’s mission to understand the human mind (including my own of course), its potential of open-ended development and how it can be guided towards the fulfillment of such potential.

More about Weaver

Born a short while ago in 1959 in Israel, I am a father to two sons aged 30 and 28 with whom I became a very good friend. My initial academic education is in computer engineering and applied mathematics (B.Sc. from Tel Aviv University 1981 and M.Sc. from Tel Aviv University and Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, both with highest distinguished achievements). 

For about a decade I was working as a project leader and senior researcher in cutting edge technological environments including Israel Defence Forces, the Weizmann Institute of Science Israel and Mercury Interactive – a startup that eventually became a world leader in automated software testing systems, among others. At the end of that period after a successful exit of the company I helped to build from its very beginning, I was able to retire and devote all my time and resources to my passion – understanding the human mind and its evolutionary potential. My background and experience as an engineer taught me many lessons, primary of which is understanding the kind of mind needed to build bridges between a vision and its concrete realization. I endeavored to become such a mind. 

I spent the next two decades or so from the early 1990s till 2010 as an independent self-educated interdisciplinary researcher pursuing comprehensive knowledge about how humans were and are thinking about the developmental potential of the human mind, both in theory and practice, across various historical periods, across cultures, across philosophical theories and of course across recent scientific disciplines including neuroscience, cognitive science and psychology.

In 2010 I moved to Brussels to pursue a doctorate at the Free University of Brussels (VUB) in order to bring my accumulated knowledge into an academic framework that could be deployed as a foundation in cutting edge educational projects. I earned my PhD in “Interdisciplinary studies – Philosophy, Psychology and Science” in 2018. Since then I took an active part in conceiving and teaching in “The School of Thinking”, an innovative transdisciplinary program for postgraduates at the Free University of Brussels that runs now for the second year.  

I was invited by Dr. Marta Lenartowicz, a friend and a colleague, to join her new project – The Buckminster College. Envisioning it, in some important sense, I feel (as I always did) like a beginner. A competent teacher, I think, is first and foremost an open-minded student. The question always comes first… I am looking forward to contributing my knowledge and life experience to this innovative education project.


Faculty On Board


Collegium Magisterium

Maciej Świeży

Magister Trāiectuum

Marta Shaw

Magistra Questi

Iwona Sołtysińska

Magistra Crescentiae


Sacha Moens

Magister Mūtātiōnis

Herwig Nulens

Magister Ludi

Jessie Eggers

Magistra Incantātiōnis

Gerard de Zeeuw



Sayfan G. Borghini


Lotte van Lith

Praeceptrix Ingeniī

Tomas Veloz

Praeceptŏr Fōrmulārum

Karel Pype 


Veerle Meurs


Kabir V. Veitas


Katarina Petrović


Balthazar Tirosh

Praeceptŏr Cerebrī

Paweł Antoszek



Hello, I am your Preaceptrix Vitalitatis and it’s my mission to turn stress into creativity. I aim to raise awareness about wellbeing and in order to do so I organize artistic and social projects around this topic.
First and foremost I’m an actress who also makes and plays music. I hold a master degree in Modern Musictheater from the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. I studied Artscience and Audiovisual Design before and I also hold a Bachelor degree in Theater Science.
The way I work is curiosity driven, I like to be challenged, expand my horizon, and use my imagination. I’m working with electronic music, the voice, film, and I’m currently exploring immersive environments. I’m always working on my own projects.
However the starting point for it all is the body. Ever since I began studying, I always had a side job in sports. From working at the beach as a surf teacher, up until earning my official certificates for being a personal trainer, and now specializing in vitality training for creatives and divergent thinkers. As a trainer I came to learn that, especially in the case of performing and public speaking, it’s very relevant to tune into your body in specific ways.
Stress is partially a necessary response from the nervous system, a healthy dose of it is what’s getting out of bed in the morning for example. But the trick is to be slightly challenged, not overwhelmed, and it takes some introspection and tools in order to regulate this well. I’m very excited to share my knowledge and eager to learn more in collaboration with you!

Lieneke Agnes Franciska Pisters

Praeceptrix Vītālitātis


I am a Strategy Director and Board Member at TBWA Group – one of the biggest marketing agencies in Belgium – part of TBWA Worldwide – working for McDo, Telenet, KBC, BMW etc… As a Strategy Director I work on marketing projects and communication campaigns for big brands. During my career I was awarded 4 times an EFFIE award for the most effective marketing strategy in Belgium.

At the same time, I became very fascinated by the boundaries of marketing and economics: can we keep pushing people to buy for whatever reason? Do brands need a purpose? Can we imagine a world without an economic system? Can you ‘live’ with the idea that you make money by selling more sugar to kids?

At Buckminster College I would like to dive into the good and bad of selling and buying stuff… Yes, I’ll be your ‘Preaceptor Commercii’ to find out how commerce contributes to better living, more independency, or great innovations… Or is it the other way around: how commerce makes people poor, dependent and even stupid? There is only one way to find out: together we’ll build the Buckminster economy…

Gunther Van Lany

Praeceptŏr Commerciī

Guardians & Curators


The Lady of the House is Lien Verdickt. She has the responsibility for the wellbeing of the Players during the residential sessions in Bruges.

Lien Verdickt

Lady of the House


The Blacksmith – Librarian is an incredibly warm, kind-hearted man, and would often forget his exceptional size and strength when patting our pupils on the back. David Baetens, a wise and erudite man, always travelling between the hard world of fire in his forgery and the elegant universe in his books, is continuously challenging his padawans when they are not in session with the Faculty members.

David Baetens

Blacksmith – Librarian

Virtual Beings


The Registrar

The Owl

The Raconteur

Call for Volunteers: Prospective Faculty Members (Praeceptores)


Are you a brilliant academic researcher ready to dive in, or an accomplished creative one-of-a-kind? Are you free to dedicate plenty of energy and time to doing something new, imaginative, and meaningful? Chances are that the time has come for you to TEACH!

We are building up the Buckminster Faculty team: starting on voluntary basis (delivering fun learning moments in The Game – online) and slowly, slowly growing into the more responsible teaching roles (delivering one or more 2-week long courses/year in the BC School curriculum). In composing the team, we want it all: all the beautiful skin colours, genders, cultures, nationalities, geographic locations, interests, talents, visions, temperaments, styles, hairdos, and fashion choices that humanity has managed to come up with so far.

Come to meet the teenage minds who will learn whatever you can do in no-time! Make them better than you! Let them shine!

If interested to join the Buckminster team, please introduce yourself to Marta, The Principal, or see how it feels to mingle in with us at the Pearl Divers seminars.