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Gazette 5 – A letter to invite you…

Gazette 5 – A letter to invite you…

Today it is Miss Alma the Peregrine Falcon who flew
Fast as she could to deliver this news to you
I asked her not just because she is fast
But she also already has boarding school experience in her past
So not only is she internationally bound
Amidst all kinds of peculiarity she still knows how to stand her ground
Goodbye she kissed her long life mate
To tell you about the important upcoming date

A letter to invite you to a school of enchantment, even delivered by a bird – it is quite hard to avoid any reference to that other school of magic. But where that one lives in lore, in books, in films, in people’s hearts, widespread across the internet, and in certain studios and amusement parks, our school is about to nest in Bruges and is getting more and more established upon our Flying Campus.

We are currently aiming at September ’23 as the starting date of the first school year at Buckminster College. We expect the final confirmation of this plan to arrive at the end of 2022. For the first year of the school’s operations we will admit up to 36 students born between 2009 and 2013 (when all primary school requirements are completed). The full capacity of the school (144 students) will be reached gradually in the first 2 to 3 years.

Time – the use, passing, acceleration, asychronicity, and divergence of it, its embodiment and embeddedness – will play a crucial role in the school’s proceedings. (A feature in which Miss Alma might be of valuable insight as well.) I imagine for most of you to have a lot of questions regarding the peculiarities of all the operations, about the curriculum, the faculty, the boarding element, and much more. For this I can for now direct you to the Acquaintance Tour here. And I would ask you to wait for a more extensive introduction to the intricacies of the school that is soon to come.