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Gazette 4 – Small Steps, Giant Leaps, and the Launch of a Special Expedition – iMartian

Gazette 4 – Small Steps, Giant Leaps, and the Launch of a Special Expedition – iMartian

Now at your doorstep and thus back from his holiday
Here is Tom the Saimaa ringed seal native to the Buckminster Bay
To bring you news of the college
To share snippets of knowledge
Because in between his tanning sessions
He has been keeping an eye on my colleagues and their professions

So here is an update of some of the things that are to come
Brought to you by virtue of my dear Tom.

First Tom apologises for being a bit late
It turns out his navigational skills were not entirely up to date
Travelling by seas to avoid any airport craziness
Amongst the strong currents he lost his way – rather than it being laziness
For Buckminster’s new academic year has already begun
Amongst others with the launch of a rocket nearing the direction of the sun
And even though Tom wasn’t at the launch itself this time around
He is more than ready to be the mission’s reporter on the ground:

iMartian is an immersive language programme for children, age 8-12, who want to learn a foreign language in an original, gamified and entertaining environment. And yesterday we launched our very first Spacepod – the LOKI-1 –  to Mars with a small group of space travellers and our linguistically certified Space Commander. During this trip to the red planet we use all of our time to learn English as sharing a language is necessary for co-creating new worlds. Language is a magical tool which shapes the way we think, the way we act, and the way we inter-act. In small daily instalments our space team engages in conversations as they figure out what is needed to make Mars a habitable place to live.

Has your little one always dreamed of space travel and are you interested in having them join one of the space pods leaving on expedition? On our website you will find all the information: https://www.buckminstercollege.org/edu/english-course-for-children/

Blue Frogs, Golden Goblets and Perennial Reds: The Ravens’ Bead Theorem Continues

On his return to his home in the Buckminster Bay
Tom was dazzled by colours and heard what they had to say
On a mission to gain access to Pattern Hall
Maybe  a class on relativity will help them breach the wall
The mystery of Erica continues, the plot thickens
Thinking it all through makes that Tom’s heart rate quickens

Last weekend the Blue Frogs returned to the Buckminster Flying Campus where they were joined by the House of the Perennial Red. As they together continue to explore the mystery of Erica and her beads, they soon will be finding the path leading them to question the quantum world as we know it. And who knows where Erica’s colourful tale will lead them after that?

Funny Hats and Steampunk Monocles: Rethinking of Education

One thing from his schooldays that Tom will never forget
Was that one teacher who always wore a funny hat 
In her black velvet coat with shiny buttons in multiple rows
She somehow always appeared to be joined by several crows
Her machineries were always proper, her stories always insightful
Which made going to Tom’s school simply delightful

Coming September 29th we again go diving for pearls. The ‘Pearl Divers’ seminar series, organised jointly by Buckminster College and Center Leo Apostel (CLEA) at the Free University Brussels (VUB) is dedicated to the conceptual groundwork for the practices of education and pedagogy. The seminars feature open talks and discussions that aim to advance our understanding of education and cognitive development in good attunement to complexity: the complexity of the world—and the complexity of the mind.

On September 29th we will explore the value of play: what does it mean to play as the adults who are running a school? Is an educational organisation that makes the educator’s role funny and playful attempting merely a ‘HR hack’ – gamifying the workplace to attract and retain talent? Or is there something more, actually educational, at play? In this seminar, we revisit the archetypes of the educator, of the institution, and of the student-master polarity – in the lens of the writings by Adolf Guggenbühl-Craig.

To prepare for the seminar, please have a look at the draft profile of the Registrar (below). The Registrar is one of key ‘characters’ that remain to be recruited for Buckminster College: https://www.buckminstercollege.org/edu/open-seminars/