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Gazette 2 – A City Slowly Grows

Gazette 2 – A City Slowly Grows

A gentle tipping of small feet,
A knocking that is more of a brush against your door
Here is Max the Porcupine for you to meet
Bringing you some of Buckminster College’s lore
Now while for Max the journey home begins
Here is the news he to your doorstep brought
And remember, be sure to prick your message on his pins
 if there are any answers that you sought

Slowly A City Grows

Once upon a time, a dream became a game.

And when the game was afoot a great house was established. The House of the Golden Goblet it is called and its Players roamed the city of Bruges and uncover new realms in digital worlds, and, underway, they discover and develop the story of the Ravens that might not be ravens at all.

But one house, is only one house.

And as the grand stories of old and new have told us anything, for narratives to develop, for histories to grow, for adventures to be had, for ravens to be written, trees to become mysteries, for foxes to learn how to fly, and for cultures to grow, more houses appear a necessity.

As the Players of The Golden Goblet roamed through the streets they were struck by an image – almost as if they had seen “two conspirators with a frog, following the line of a whiffletree”. The image stuck, and the frog turned blue, and the Players of this new House of the Blue Frog quickly went on to explore it, to develop it, to live it, to learn and perform its intricacies and interrelations.

Thus two houses are now in full swing, brimming with adventure, tackling difficult questions, and exploring new worlds both from the outside and from within.

And while out on expeditions across the Flying Campus, where the houses occasionally meet, glimpses of a colourful pattern start to rear their heads. Bricks of the most enchanting red arise and settle into place, building a house deep into the ground and high up into the sky, with a door of recognition and windows like that of a terrarium.

The House of the Perennial Red is now looking for Players. The house will be enacted  from September 2022 until July 2023. As The Ravens’ Bead Theorem is a continuous, open-ended reality the newcomers will be welcomed always somewhere in the middle. What has happened before remains in the memory of those who have been there earlier, what is to come is to be written through the interactions within the game. Or perhaps, it turns out that it is the other way around: the only memories we have are of the future, and the histories are still to be written.

Are you or is your child born between 2007 and 2013 and up for, for example, discussions of time travel, explorations into the nature of knowledge, or building terrariums? Then please go to our website for more information and the admission criteria: https://www.buckminstercollege.org/edu/game/#entry