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Gazette 1 – And so the story has long but begun

Gazette 1 – And so the story has long but begun

An empty stage
A blinking cursor on a blank page

In the red velvet chair the spectator sleeps
Almost forgetting they are there

When suddenly, from the corner, the smallest of “beeps”
A meerkat enters, a fox steps out determined, a bat swoops down from the air.

After having spent so much time behind the curtain
All my animals finally felt certain
That after all their training they are up for the task
Having learned all the information they are ready to relay anything you would want to ask.

So if you see one of my cats be sure to whisper in their ear
Anything about this strange world you would want to know
Hum it to my bees lest something is not clear
And I will send back my stories with my favourite red doe.

As my colleagues play and in their oddity again and again discover and build anew the world
I will for you weave tales of all their adventures, explorations, and knowledge
Set straight all the information that once in one mass continuously swirled
And then send to you my animals to deliver the ongoing stories of this college.

My narwhals are at the ready to report
My hares are helping with the storylines to sort
If you happen upon my lizards don’t hesitate to say “hi”
And if you are left in wonder be sure to hit reply

Yours faithfully,
Jessie Eggers
Raconteur of Buckminster College