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Holoptic Education

In the first ‘Pearl Divers’ research seminar of the Buckminster College we discuss the ‘architectures of seeing’ that need to be put in place for a school community to thrive.

The Game of Schooling

If we can free ourselves enough to admit that the grading’s function is indeed that of gamification, what is stopping us from making this game more game-like and more fun?

Thinking in Progress

Would it not be more intelligent, if we found a way for not burdening our young learners with the obsolete mindsets in the first place?

Post-Industrial Workflows

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Can the school habituate young people to the mental and emotional discipline of the high-quality, high-intensity creative workflows of the post-industrial world?

What is Education for?

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As long as humanity evolves, the question of the purpose of education can never be settled once and for good.

Education for Complexity: Designing a School

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We want our programmes to be well attuned to complexity: the complexity of the world and the complexity of the mind. But how do we actually make it happen? What does it take to build a school that would facilitate that?

Designing a School: Housing and Dining

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Proceeding through a gradual consideration of all aspects of the functioning of our future school, this time we are discussing the housing and dining arrangements for the half-boarding/half-online high school education.

Transdisciplinarity for the Integration of University Curriculum?

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Liberal Arts Curricula (in their diverse forms as General Education components) were intended as a tool for the integration of knowledge and promoting holistic development of students. Marcin J. Schroeder, Ph.D. presents his experience in the practical implementation of the Liberal Arts curriculum 'Fusion of Science, Technology, and Culture' at his university in Japan.

Teachers’ Play: The Archetypal Wisdom of the Funny Hats

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What is the value of play, for the adults who are running a school? Is an educational organisation that makes the educator's role funny and playful attempting merely a 'HR hack' - gamifying the workplace to attract and retain talent? Or is there something more, actually educational, at play?

Gerard de Zeeuw: Bridging the Gap or Escaping the Hole

One cannot educate effectively without answering three questions: why, how and what – to teach? In recent times, responses are increasingly expected to come from scientific research, which often results in a gap. It refers to the difference between what researchers are trained to deliver and what those intended to use the results are hoping to get.