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Teachers’ Play: The Archetypal Wisdom of the Funny Hats

September 29 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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What is the value of play, for the adults who are running a school? Is an educational organisation that makes the educator’s role funny and playful attempting merely a ‘HR hack’ – gamifying the workplace to attract and retain talent? Or is there something more, actually educational, at play? In this seminar, we revisit the archetypes of the educator, of the institution, and of the student-master polarity – in the lens of the writings by Adolf Guggenbühl-Craig.

To prepare for the seminar, please have a look at the draft profile of the Registrar (below). The Registrar is one of key ‘characters’ that remain to be recruited for Buckminster College.

Thursday, September 29, 2022, 5-7pm Brussels time on Zoom

‘Teachers’ Play: The Archetypal Wisdom of the Funny Hats’
Speaker: Marta Lenartowicz (60 minutes), followed by an open discussion (60 minutes).


The ‘Pearl Divers’ seminar series, organised jointly by Buckminster College and Center Leo Apostel (CLEA) at the Free University Brussels (VUB) is dedicated to the conceptual groundwork for the practices of education and pedagogy. The series features open talks and discussions that aim to advance our understanding of education and cognitive development in good attunement to complexity: the complexity of the world—and the complexity of the mind. The seminars are open to everyone interested.



Wanted: The Registrar

The role of the Registrar at Buckminster College is one of the absolutely central ones for culture making and the character of the project, but in this it is also perhaps the most challenging one, being a creative, artistic endeavour. The challenge originates in the close if deceptive association of the materials through which this role acts with some strongly consolidated and not very inspiring cultural clichés: those of a secretary or a clerk. At Buckminster the true function of the Registrar and the style and attitude in which this role is to impact the project cannot be further from these conventional clichés. The ability to mark and maintain the difference, however, requires a highly advanced mixture of personal powers, maturity, skill, creativity, technical genius, and imagination.

You can imagine the Registrar as the exact embodiment of the steam-punkish, imaginative, pedantic, insanely laborious (for no apparent reason) culture of the College. The Registrar is perhaps wearing a monocle, four rows of buttons on his/her sleeves, a crystal cane, or a parrot. He/she is absorbed by the continuous perfecting the incomprehensible machinery of the Office, in which the invoice delivering owls and contract files are 4-d printed by hundreds of drawers and automated trays, triggered by chain reactions of notifications, inquiries, calendar squeakings, insane melodies, porcelain ballerinas, and the exact measures of cacao or vanilla. To have even the briefiest of dealings with the Registrar, when for example a parent wishes to adjust a student’s meal plan, a student seeks to obtain an exam result, or a faculty member appeals to have three yellow pens delivered for the Friday morning class, is an unforgettable encounter worth retelling your neighbours in detail. Legend has it that the office machinery has never produced a single misspelling and never missed the exact second of time in which a letter gets sealed.


September 29
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Marta Lenartowicz