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English Course for Children


English is everywhere these days. Games, television, internet or when we go on holidays. Speaking another language is essential to help us navigate through our world and possible new worlds in the future. Especially children have the ability to acquire new languages fast, their brain is designed for it. Why wait until you go to secondary school? Learn and practice your English during real conversations with other kids in our iMartian language programme accompanied by a certified tutor. Welcome to our English course for children.



iMartian is a language immersion programme for children, age 8-12, who want to learn a foreign language in an original, gamified and entertaining environment. Every now and then we launch Spacepods to Mars. During the trips to the red planet we use all of our time to learn the chosen language. Sharing a language is necessary for co-creating new worlds. Language is a magical tool which shapes the way we think, the way we act, and the way we inter-act. As we need to save energy on our trip, our design only requires eighteen minutes of your attention every day. Join our Space Commander and 17 other travellers now and build your language skills each day with engaging conversations, in small groups, live, online and accompanied by a certified language tutor.

Spacepod Loki-1

Discover your virtual classroom

Discover Loki-1



Terraforming Mars

In the not so far future, humans may live in settlements on Mars. Imagine embarking on a journey like that. In order for us to survive out there we first need to create an environment capable of sustaining human life. The process of making a planet ‘Earth-like’ is called ‘terraforming’. During our trip to Mars we will use all of our time to acquire a shared language that will provide the necessary coordination for the terraformation process: the basic linguistic infrastructure for our new extraterrestrial civilisation. Language has always been the primary tool of humanity. It is our powerful equipment and a world-shaping device. The flight is long enough to get it all ready.


Language on the Way

In our English course for children are turning the above idea into a game in which the participants assemble and finetune the ‘linguistic equipment’ for the mission to Mars. The ‘equipment’ is sourced from an existing Earthian language, so, if you don’t happens know that language yet, you get a wonderful opportunity to learn it entirely ‘on the way’. At Buckminster we are developing this idea into a novel, playful method of language acquisition combined with learning to understand and appreciate the magical, world-making powers of language in general.

Adding a new language to your repertoire is good for the brain, it helps you understand the similarities and differences between various cultures and worldviews and, last but not least, it increases creativity, analytical skills, and self confidence.


Uncertain about your English level?

Don’t worry, we are all beginners here. It’s only by working together that we will be able to acquire a new language and we are sure that you already know more English than you think.

It seems like you are ready!



  • Newbie - 1 trial lesson

  • 0
    • 1 day free trial
    • access to spacepod
    • digital learning environment
    • certified tutor
  • Become a Newbie
  • Padawan - 20 lessons

  • 80
    • 20 x 18 minutes English
    • access to spacepod
    • digital learning environment
    • certified tutor
    • fun and friends
  • Become a Padawan
  • Avenger - 10 month journey

  • 50monthly
    • daily 18 minutes
    • access to spacepod
    • digital learning environment
    • certified tutor
    • fun and friends
    • personal feedback
  • Become an Avenger

Practical information


Time Schedule

  • Every Monday to Thursday, Online sessions from 7.30pm to 7.48pm Brussels time
  • Friday, Saturday, Sunday: free practice + acces to spacepod

*there will be no English lessons on the dates below.

  • 31 Oct ’22 – 4 Nov ’22
  • 11 Nov ’22
  • 26 Dec ’22 – 6 Jan ’23
  • 20 Feb ’23 – 24 Feb ’23
  • 3 Apr ’23 – 14 Apr 23
  • 1 May ’23
  • 18 May ’23 – 19 May ’23
  • 29 May ’23
  • 1 Jul ’23 – 31 Aug ’23

Admission criteria 2022

There are two admission criteria for joining iMartian:

  • be human (when extraterrestrial, please get in touch with our special learning needs consulting before subscribing)
  • between 8 and 12 years old


Siblings can apply for a 30% discount.