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English Course for Children



To learn a language is to have one more window from which to look at the world.


― Chinese Proverb

iMartian is an English course for children age 8-12 in an online and gamified environment. Practice English for 15 minutes a day from Monday to Thursday.

Language is a magical tool which shapes the way we think, the way we act, and the way we inter-act. Especially English is everywhere these days, when playing games, browsing the internet or when on holidays. Speaking English is essential to help us navigate through the world.

iMartian Spacepods


Every now and then a Spacepod to Mars is launched. Our space travellers embark on a mission to terraform Mars so it can be inhabited by our species in the near future. You will be among the first to develop this new civilisation. During our trip to the red planet we use all of our time to learn a new language. As we need to save energy our design requires only 15 minutes of your attention a day. Practicing fifteen minutes every day is super effective to build your language skills. Especially for children who have the innate ability to acquire new languages fast. Immerse yourself with iMartian and join our online sessions accompanied by fellow travellers and a certified instructor. The crew is looking forward to meet you!

During our English Course for Children you’ll be mastering lots of situational and practical applications along the way, like coding, astrology, biology, cooking, gaming, animation, poetry, maths and many more. What to do when an asteroid hits the spacepod? Or how to grow vegetables on Mars? A mesmerising journey filled with unparalleled experiences.

Ready to learn English? Join the crew!

About iMartian


Terraforming Mars

In the not so far future, humans may live in settlements on Mars. Imagine embarking on a journey like that. In order for us to survive out there we first need to create an environment capable of sustaining human life. The process of making a planet ‘Earth-like’ is called ‘terraforming’. During our trip to Mars we will use all of our time to acquire a shared language that will provide the necessary coordination for the terraformation process: the basic linguistic infrastructure for our new extraterrestrial civilisation. Language has always been the primary tool of humanity. It is our powerful equipment and a world-shaping device. The flight is long enough to get it all ready.


Language on the Way

In our English course for children are turning the above idea into a game in which the participants assemble and finetune the ‘linguistic equipment’ for the mission to Mars. The ‘equipment’ is sourced from an existing Earthian language, so, if you don’t happens know that language yet, you get a wonderful opportunity to learn it entirely ‘on the way’. At Buckminster we are developing this idea into a novel, playful method of language acquisition combined with learning to understand and appreciate the magical, world-making powers of language in general.

Adding a new language to your repertoire is good for the brain, it helps you understand the similarities and differences between various cultures and worldviews and, last but not least, it increases creativity, analytical skills, and self confidence.



Mastering a second language in the same way a child does, through passively listening, interaction and play-like activities, is called the immersion method. You’re immersed in a ‘language bath’ in the same way little children are when learning their mother tongue. This method is reinforced by activities based on repetition of words and phrases. Children are able to pick up grammar and syntax without any formal teaching through their language acquisition device. It’s wonderful to see how fast these young learners acquire English by having the opportunity to talk every day for 15 minutes in small groups. They realise every day that they already know more English than they think they do. The results are amazing.

iMartian Fees





Siblings Discount

The Buckminster College offers a 20% reduction of the fee for each sibling who is participating in a language course at the same time.


iMartian Schedule


  • The launch of the next iMartian Spacepod is planned for October 2023 – pending confirmation and depending on weather forecast.

Admission criteria 2023

  • be human (when extraterrestrial, please get in touch with our special learning needs consulting before subscribing);
  • between 8 and 12 years old.


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