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The cobbled streets and winding walkways hold many secrets, and it’s not just all ghost stories and myths. Whether you’re planning to study in Bruges, or your curiosity has brought you here, there are plenty of hidden secrets to discover.

Often dubbed the ‘Venice of the North’, the photogenic waterways and fairytale architecture make Bruges one of the prettiest cities in Europe and the best location to start your endeavor.

Bruges’s stunning UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town is a medieval masterpiece, like an open-air museum where visitors can experience a rich concoction of Flemish architecture, art, history and food.

Bruges is also the home of Buckminster College, using the city as a playground for gaining knowledge and for exploring the emodied geographies of the urban thought rove. Laden with Gothic architecture and home to early Flemish painters, it is a city that has captured the minds for centuries.

City as a classroom

Submerging our students in the city is an experience that involves all their senses, as sound, touch, smell and taste are often left to the unconscious.  We often neglect to see a city as a complex, living and dynamic system. However, in Bruges, unique learning spaces lie awaiting exploration and inquiry. These spaces inspire our students to think outside the limits of the conventional classroom, but also reinforces educators and experts to push the limits of their educational mindset and creativity.

Historic Centre of Brugge, Belgium – World Heritage Journeys